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Audio Compact Disc Reader


ACDR (Audio Compact Disc Reader) is a very easy to use, yet fully featured tool, that lets you read tracks from audio CD's and write them to a variety of different file formats.

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Audio File Format Batch Converter

Awave Audio

Awave Audio is a professional audio file format batch converter. - Do conversions from the about 85 audio file formats that it can read into any of the 60 or so audio file formats that it writes! - Supports built in effects + 'DirectX plug-ins'.

Tags: audio batch converter file format processor sound

EyeC++ - Image viewing & conversion SDK


The EyeC++ library is a high-performance, high-quality, C++ class library intended for both image file format conversion and image viewing tasks. Pricing is differentiated so that you pay only for what you need. Full source code is supplied.

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Image File Format Batch Converter

Any Image

Image File Format Batch Converter - Convert one file or many files - same quick three-step procedure! - Supports all of the more common image file formats. - Image processing operations. - Very affordable price!

Tags: batch bmp converter file format gif graphics image jpeg pcx picture png tga tiff

Time - Pitch - Sample rate converter

Any Time

Any Time lets you independently take control of the time, the pitch, and the sample rate of an audio recording. - Do time stretching. - Do pitch scaling. - Do sample rate conversion. - Recreate missing high-frequency components. - And more!

Tags: any audio conversion pitch rate sample scaling shift shifting stretch stretching time


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