Our Galaxy. Animated 3D space tour.

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Galaxy 3D Space Tour

FP Software lab.

If you look up into the sky on a clear dark night, far from the intrusive glow of street lights, you'll see a faint band of starlight running across the heavens - The Milky Way. It's actually the disk of our own galaxy - seen from our own perspective. But what if we leave our Solar System and the Galaxy on a fantastic space ship and look back to our Space Island? What would we see? This screensaver simulates exactly this fantastic space scene as close to reality as possible using modern 3D technologies. You can download a free evaluation copy of our "Galaxy 3D Space Tour" screensaver or purchase an unlimited version. We tried to simulate this fascinating space view of the Galaxy using the latest astronomical knowledge. Color palettes, stars distribution within spiral galactic structure, dark and glowing nebulae, position and appearance of Magellanic Clouds (two tiny galaxies, satellites of our Milky Way) - every detail is carefully adjusted to match its actual appearance.

Software Price: $17.95
Software Version: 1.1
Release Date
: 8/28/2006

Size: 1.01 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: Galaxy 3D Space Tour Download

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