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Password Squirrel

Fineware Systems

Password Squirrel was written for one reason only. I needed it! Everywhere I turned, I had to enter another password. I was also getting into the very bad habit of using the same password all over the place. This program allows me fast access to all of my passwords in an encrypted, password protected database. Password Squirrel makes it easy for you to have unique and extremely cryptic passwords for access to online services as well as making it easy to maintain document level passwords. When the program is launched, you have the option is entering a single password which grants you access to all of the rest of your passwords. Network administrators may also find it useful for managing the passwords of all users on the network. The program itself is password protected but the user defines the level of protection. You can either require a password on launch or you can limit passwords to program functions which allow changes to your previously stored passwords. Easy to Use: Simply launch the program, select the password you want from a list of named passwords, and press a button. The password is copied to the Windows Clipboard where you can paste it into most password entry screens. Includes an Import/Export capability: It allows you to backup your current encrypted password master file to a diskette so that you can take it with you. Use the Import feature to replace an existing password master file or merge two master files together.

Software Price: $20.00
Software Version: 1.0.70
Release Date
: 7/26/2000

Size: 1.5 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98, NT 4.x, Windows 2000

Download Link: Password Squirrel Download

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