Mesh manipulation commands for Rhino

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MeshWorks for Rhino

Floating Point Solutions Private Limited

MeshWorks for Rhino is a plug-in for Rhino. It adds a variety of mesh manipulation commands to Rhino. Some of the useful commands are given below: Hollow: This command hollows the mesh to a given wall thickness. Hollowing is particularly useful while preparing a model for Rapid Prototyping as it saves material, time and money while building a prototype. Offset: This command offsets a mesh to either shrink or expand it. PointsToMesh: This command creates a mesh from a set of points. Stitch: This command knits loosely tied faces of a mesh and attempts to make a mesh water-tight. FillHoles: This command adds faces to an existing mesh in order to fill any holes. The result is a water-tight mesh. ExtractSolid: This command extracts a solid from a mesh. ExtractPlanarSurfaces: This command extracts a planar trimmed NURBS surface from a mesh. ExtractShells: This command extracts connected surfaces from a single mesh and creates a new mesh for each connected surface. This is useful while working on different parts of a mesh. ExtractSurfaces: This command extracts surfaces of a mesh and creates a new mesh for each surface. ExtractFeatures: This command extracts features of a mesh. This is useful to create a NURBS model from a polygon mesh. ExtractBoundaries: This command extracts the boundaries of an open mesh. SplitMesh: This command splits a mesh with a planar surface into two parts. Smoothen: This command relaxes a mesh by removing sharp edges. Decimate: This command reduces the number of faces of a mesh while maintaining continuity in the topology. MeshWorks for Rhino adds a new menu to the existing Rhino menu containing all the added commands. Simply use this menu to manipulate meshes.

Software Price: $500
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 4/1/2002

Size: 2.7 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: MeshWorks for Rhino Download

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