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Create 7-Zip/Cabinet/Zip Self-Extractors .exe

Paquet Builder

Paquet Builder is a mix between a 7-Zip, Zip and Cab Self-Extracting archive maker and a Setup routine generator. With its powerful and versatile options, create flexible Self-Extractors for professional-but-friendly file and software distribution.

Tags: 7z 7-zip cab cabinet compress compression file installer package paquet paquet builder script scripting self extracting sfx zip

Turn websites into ebooks in EXE format

HTML Executable

HTML Executable is an ebook and website .exe compiler; it turns web sites into compact applications for efficient and secure distribution. Create full-featured digital publications, ebooks, presentations... with skin support and a lot of options.

Tags: compiler ebook exe executable html protection publication publish security self-extracting sfx skin stand-alone viewer web

Split large files into Self-Uniting pieces


GSplit is a powerful file splitter that splits your large files into a set of smaller files called pieces; it also generates small Self-Uniting programs (.exe) to assemble pieces without needing GSplit. Intuitive interface and a full set of options.

Tags: cut distribution file file splitter files gsplit parts piece pieces reduce self-uniting sfu small splice split splitting

Icon software to convert, edit, manage icons


GConvert is a full-featured icon toolkit that lets you extract, create, edit, manage, compile and convert icons. It supports all icon images (any size, color depth + MacOS, XP, Vista 32-bit icons), creates icons from images, manages icon libraries...

Tags: .ico convert customize desktop edit extract gconvert ico icon icons manage png themes vista windows

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