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Encode your private data and emails.

TopSecret NxG

Keep your private data in your virtual safe and protect your files. Topsecret is a data protecting application, ciphering resources and applications in order to make the data unreadable for other users on the same computer. No password, no acces.

Tags: cipher ciphering data encode next generation privacy protect protection safe security topsecret unauthorized acces virtual safe

Detects and exterminates viruses.


Detects and removes many worms, trojans and backdoors: Mydoom, Beagle, Netsky, Sasser, Blaster Zafi, Mabutu, Startpage and many others more information: http://wirusy.antivirenkit.pl/

Tags: backdoor beagle blaster mabutu mydoom mytob netsky removal tool sasser trojan virus worm zafi

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