GATree breeds decision trees using GA's

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GAtree is a decision tree builder that uses genetic algorithms.The idea behind it is rather simple but powerful. Instead of using statistic metrics that are biased towards specific trees we use a more flexible global metric of tree quality and we try to evolve the best decision tree. Gatree offers some unique features not to be found in any other tree inducers while at the same time it can produce better results for a number of difficult problems. The program includes many tools to visualize the decision tree output, step-by-step follow the decision tree execution, to prefer smaller or bigger trees, to crossvalidate a training set, detailed graphs of the the evolution process and more

Software Price: $299
Software Version: 2
Release Date
: 10/13/2004

Size: 0.76 MB
Platform: Win 3.1x, Windows 95/98/ME, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: GATree.exe Download

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