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A unique gravity based puzzle game

Boulder Panic! 2 DX

A unique gravity based puzzle game that's simple to learn but with difficulty levels that make it a great challenge as the game progresses. Grab gems for points. Grab gems that are touching others for even more points.

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Easy to learn hard to master puzzle game

Tile Panic

An easy to learn, hard to master type of addictive puzzle game. The simple premise is to try and slide tiles around on the playfield so that they touch tiles of the same color.

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Convert humans to worship you....

Tooth and Claw

You and your opponents take on the identities of aspiring godlings, all with the same goal. Convert the humans to worship you..Awesome looking graphics inside this action game. We recommend this game.

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Displays and shoots your images....

Ammo and PotShots Screen Saver

Select your most hated image files and this screen saver will blast them to smithereens. With various ammunition sounds in the background, your images will be splattered. You can set to screen saver to shoot at your Desktop Wallpaper or display

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A truly InSECTuous realtime strategy classic!

Assault SwarmAssault DX 8.0

In this Realtime strategy must save your homeland by killing swarms and swarms of beautifully ruthless ants, beetles, spiders, scorpions.

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