GRDuw: Disk Utility for Windows Me/9x V4.01

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GRDuw - Disk Utility


GRDuw is a Windows Me/98/95 disk utility that handle your removable and fixed drives. This user friendly disk utility let you format, duplicate and repair your disks. It support the MS-DMF format that Microsoft employ to distribute it's software on diskettes. The program has an optimized format procedure to give you a disk that read or write quicker on any drive. The disk duplication is a one pass procedure even on removable hard disk like the Iomega Zip100 or other similar drives. GRDuw let you known detailed information on your system disks and devices. The program comes with a setup program that allows you to install, evaluate and completely unistall the package leaving your system clean.

Software Price: $39.00
Software Version: 4.1.17
Release Date
: 10/1/2001

Size: 0.44 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98, WinME

Download Link: GRDuw - Disk Utility Download

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