Generation Stars

Find all gold on field with maximum points.

Gold Seeker

Play this extra fun game for all generations; small and cute like Minesweeper with similar rules and more addictiveness!

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One key minigolf...

1Key Minigolf

Try to hit 18 holes in as less tries as possible in this special 1 key edition of minigolf made specially for a One Switch competition held by Retro Remakes.

Tags: 1key arcade cave freeware game generation stars golf igor vatavuk minigolf one key raklem ship snakey space sport yambo

An extremely fun platformer with huge levels!

Gink in Trouble

Gink in Trouble is an arcade game with only one goal: Survive as long as you can! Every time you play the game, it is different. The rules of the game are simple, you are an alien creature called Gink and you are fighting your way to the exit...

Tags: caveship dice etai free generation stars gink gink in trouble gold seeker igre panic invaders raklem snakey yahtzee yamb yambo

Kill to defend your life!

Raklem: War on Earth

Raklem is a game based on a simple premise, kill as many enemies as you can. While doing that you have the chance to collect points and other bonuses such as, better accuracy, faster reload, increased soldier speed or bullet speed and so on.

Tags: action addictive blood enemies generation improve kill raklem snake stats yambo

Snake like one on mobile phones and more...


Snakey is a game with very old idea, like Snake on mobile phones. In this version of Snake you must collect as many Food as you can in a row (in 2sec. each) to score big points. Faster you eat more you score !

Tags: action arcade best generation mobile one phones raklem snake snakey yambo

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