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A logo animation of the Audi A4.

Audi i-Mate

A graphic pops up to your desktop which is a logo animation of the Audi A4. Once you double click the logo, the Audi web page will open up.

Tags: a4 active link animation audi logo screen saver

Optically appealing Tetris-Clone.


Optically appealing Tetris-Clone. The type of pieces, game field-width, game-speed, game field grid, the pieces start-position as well as the sound can be configured in the full-version.

Tags: appealing game i-mate optically tetris tetris-clone

Put a virtual lava lamp on your desktop.

Lava Lamp Screen Saver

Put a virtual lava lamp on your desktop complete with realistically moving blue. Options let you center it on the screen, as well as adjust its size. When you register, you wil be able to use six other colors and automatically rotate them if desired.

Tags: 3d animation desktop lamp lava lavalamp mathmos put saver screen screen saver screensaver virtual

Current news in German.


TNT is a graphically oriented news ticker program. Current stock exchange-news is shown in the applications scrolling ticker window. However, the Program and the news are in German only!

Tags: current data exchange-news german i-mate screenmate scrolling shows stock ticker tnt window

A animated man pops up and swings flags.


A animated man pops up and swings flags from left to right. It also links you to the Hamburg magazin website and you can also send him to a friend. The man with the flag is a logo of one of G.IT.D's client's.

Tags: animated animation flags i-mate left man pops right screen saver swings


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