ASP.NET Control for Web based File Management

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FileVistaControl is an ASP.NET user control (.ascx control) which you can add directly to your existing ASP.NET (.aspx) pages. The control renders an user interface similar to "Windows Explorer" within the page and this user interface allows you to view the contents of the predefined root folders and allow complete file management actions within those folders. File management actions can be limited by predefined permissions and quota limits on each folder separately. - Cross browser, works with most modern browsers. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. - Multi language support for the user interface. Currently available languages: English, Italian, Turkish. - Integrate easily with any authentication provider with the help of flexible object model. - Upload upto 2GB of files (maximum limit of web browsers and IIS currently) with progress bar! Minimal use of server resources with upload/download, uploads are directly written to disk and not kept in memory. - Add root folders that points to a virtual, physical or network paths with specific display names for hiding the path information. - Assign separate permissions and quota limit for each root folder. Root folder permissions can be set as Full or ReadOnly or a combination of Traverse, List, Create, Delete, Rename, Edit, Upload, Download, Compress, Extract, Cut, Copy, Paste permissions. - Complete file management actions including Zip/Unzip on the fly! - Ability to resume cancelled/interrupted file downloads and accept segmented/accelerated file downloads with download managers. - Advanced upload dialog which can do both Flash and Browser upload with the ability to allow only specific file types. Flash upload allows you to select multiple files at once in the file selection dialog. If Shockwave Flash plugin is not available then upload is still possible with Browser upload with the same great user interface.

Software Price: $299
Software Version: 1.5.9
Release Date
: 7/18/2008

Size: 0.50 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: FileVistaControl Download

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