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EZ Save Flash

GoUpSoft Inc.

EZ Save Flash is an Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to save Flash (.swf) files in just one click. The program integrates into the IE context menu and makes new options available when right-clicking on a Flash item. You can choose to Save as..., Flash list and more. The program also offers a floating Flash toolbar similar to the IE image toolbar that has the same functionality whenever you hover your mouse over a Flash file in IE. To speed things up, you can also use the Flash List on the floating toolbar to save multiple Flash files at once. It opens a dialog that displays thumbnail versions of all Flash items on the page and then allows you to select the ones to be saved to disk. Features include: One click saving Saving multiple Flash files in a web page Internet Explorer cache browsing Embed in IE and Flash context menu Float Panel hotkey KeyWords: save flash, catcher flash, free download, save swf, download flash, flash, flash program download, save web page, save flash, flashsaver, flash catcher, save flash animation, save flash games, flash save program

Software Price: $19.99
Software Version: 1.3.1
Release Date
: 6/8/2004

Size: 1.09 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: EZ Save Flash Download

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