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MSU Smart Deblocking VirtualDub plugin

Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

Filter is intended for recovering quality of video ripped from DVD (for exmaple, when it contains 4 hours of video data), VideoCD or after decompressing by H.261, H.263, DivX 3, DivX 4, XviD. Filter automatically determines the blockiness's strength on the frame and in the concrete part of it, preserving the maximum of details. You have only to accept one of predefined presets. Thus, filter will process marginally when on scenes with slow motion, while it will smooth very hard in the case of fast motion in the same film. The main advantage of the filter is that it provides the boost of integral quality in the most widespread PSNR metric in comparison with the original film. That is, a film after decompression in comparison with original achieves the lower quality than a film after decompression and deblocking. (But for all that the original film is not used nowise, only decompressed data is used.)

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 0.8
Release Date
: 2/26/2007

Size: 0.11 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: MSU Smart Deblocking VirtualDub plugin Download

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