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Protect Your Private Data !

GroundZero Privacy Protector

AS XMASS GIFT NOW HALF THE PRICE! Are you sure your private Files are save ? With the constant rise in Spyware and Trojans it is very important to keep your private files encrypted, to ensure only you can access them! With the GroundZero Privacy Prot

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Dont waste your RAM !

RAM Optimizer Pro 2005

Dont waste your RAM ! With our RAM Optimizer you can free a lot of unused memory which was taken by processes who allocated too much memory !

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The days of stuffed screens are over!

GVD - Virtual Desktop

Do you have the problem that you never have enough space on your Desktop ? Then this Application is perfect for you! It is designed for the super active people which want professional control over their workspace.The days of stuffed screens are over!

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Free and easy SEO utility for Webmasters

1st SEO Meta Extractor

To make life easier for the Webmaster we made this handy utility to extract meta keyowrds and description from any website.

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Keep your private Files private !

g0 Secure Delete

You have an NDA so certain files need to stay private, but you want to sell your old computer? what now, by deleting and formating the harddrive the sensitive files could still be recovered. We got the solution !

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