Binaural audio mixing and mastering system.

Tags: binaural synthesis cross talk mastering system reverberation cancellation signals audio mixing audio system audio mixer hrtf reverb



AMPHIOTIK SYNTHESIS is a powerful audio mixing and mastering system for professionals. It includes Stereo Panning and Binaural Synthesis, a 3D-Audio system based on HRTF, for the generation of binaural signals. It includes transaural audio (cross-talk cancellation), refelections modelling, reverberation, post equalization and more.

Software Price: $249
Software Version: 2.04
Release Date
: 12/13/2006

Size: 14.01 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: AMPHIOTIK SYNTHESIS Download

Keywords: mastering amphiotik virtual synthesis out-of-head environment auditory visual audio transaural cross-talk cancellation panning spatializer surround 3d binaural


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