GSM-based SMS software for two-way messaging

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Headwind GSM Modem Driver

Headwind Solutions Ltd.

Need to setup an SMS notification or equip your website with an SMS service, but do not wish to pay for using internet gateways? The solution for you is to use a GSM device. The multi-purpose SMS messaging software "Headwind GSM Modem Driver" is a professional platform, allowing you to integrate SMS services with a database, website, or desktop application. The unique feature of the software is the automatic configuration of the serial connection in accordance with the device capabilities, which makes Headwind GSM Modem Driver potentially compatible with every GSM device. Once configured, Headwind GSM Modem Driver can be automatically launched at startup, so your PC can be used as the reliable SMS server. The software has many useful features, such as sending Flash SMS (or the instant message immediately shown on the phone screen), sending WAP Push SMS (containing a link to the mobile webpage or another mobile content item), sending USSD commands (to check the balance and order the SMS packets), receiving delivery reports, and much more. There is a user-friendly connection wizard, which automatically determines and configures an installed GSM modem. The application provides the COM/.NET interface, which can be used by third-party applications (written, for example, in VB.NET) for SMS messaging. Headwind GSM Modem Driver is equipped with a unique interface of SMS sources (local files or remote URLs containing outgoing SMS) and SMS handlers (commands or remote URLs calling when a short message is received). This interface makes the software able to be integrated with any system, whether it is a desktop application, database, or a web portal. The API provided by the software as well as various demonstrations of using SMS handlers and sources are described on the publisher's website

Software Price: $119.90
Software Version: 4.0.0810
Release Date
: 8/10/2009

Size: 2.22 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, 2003, Vista

Download Link: Headwind GSM Modem Driver Download

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