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A script driven command-line resource editor.

This script driven command-line resource editor allows you to automatically edit resources in large numbers of win32 executable files, it accepts input from a script file and supports VBScript, Unicode and multi-byte international character sets. Flexible scripting enables you to access and edit a wide range of different resource types, and provides an automated means of stamping file versions during the final stage of the build process, replacing an icon resource with an icon from an ico file, and many other features that take the drudgery out of manual editing and repetitive tasks. If you need to update existing resources, or add new ones for several hundred files, you are more than likely going to want some way to implement this with a batch file. Edit strings in and work in multiple languages. No more struggling with OEM/ANSI code pages. Make your applications and data operable and accessible in different languages. Resource Tuner Console can handle a variety of different 32-bit PE ("portable executable") file types, including .EXE, .DLL, .SCR, .CPL, Device Drivers (.SYS), OCX Controls, and Borland Libraries (.dpl and .bpl). Whenever large numbers of files have to be processed or to be accessible through scripting, you need Resource Tuner Console.

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