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VBdocman .NET


VBdocman .NET is a program for the quick automatic generation of technical documentation from your Visual Basic .NET source code files. VBdocman parses the Visual Basic .NET and ASP .NET (only VB files) projects and automatically creates the table of contents, index, topics, cross-references, and context sensitive help. The format of output documentation is fully configurable by user. The predefined output formats are: Help 2 (the latest Microsoft help technology used in Visual Studio .NET) HTML Help (*.chm file which looks like MSDN)- HTML files (with Java index and table of contents) RTF document XML VBdocman works as an add-in with MS Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003. After invoking a simple dialog through main menu and (in the simplest case) clicking one button, the specified output documentation is generated. All interesting links such as Methods, Properties, Events, table of contents and index are created automatically. In large projects, VBdocman will save many days of boring tedious work. After VBdocman completes it's processing, the documentation can be edited, and additional descriptions can be added, e.g. See Also, Exceptions links, object, method, property or event description, parameters description, etc. VBdocman can also extract that additional descriptions from the C# XML comments or JavaDoc comments. In addition, it provides sophisticated user-friendly WYSIWYG comment editor.

Software Price: $229
Software Version: 2.1
Release Date
: 4/19/2005

Size: 2.62 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: VBdocman .NET Download

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