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SpyKy, Keylogger, Evidence Eliminator


SpyKy is a tool that has been designed to fulfill certain privacy needs of a computer user. It records activities and key strokes, provides hot keys for several actions and erases or edits Internet traces in different comfortable ways.

Tags: emergency key evidence elimintor keylogger send log file spyky

RTF/TEXT Editor embedded HTML/Picture viewer

Delphad Lite

Delphad is a RTF/Text Editor with embedded HTML and Picture viewer. Functions of Delphad: Import Office Files, Page Setup, Print Preview, Send Mail, Password De-Encrypt, Spell Check, Calculator etc..

Tags: delphad en-decrypt html picture viewer rtf text editor send mail spell checker

Cryptor, encryption, decryption, stegano


With Cryptor you can encrypt data files by putting the data into an image. What Cryptor makes special is the fact that it produces very small output images, whereby the key image is almost size independent. The design allows one click encryption.

Tags: cryptor decryption easy to use encryption organize buddy items secure encryption smallest size steganography wizard

Fosi is tool to visualize directory size

FosiX Lite

FosiX is tool to visualize the size of the folders on a hard disk. Browse through the folders via Bar Chart or Pie Chart or ListView and see clearly where your HD space is gone to. Additionally find and delete temp fies, clean internet traces etc..

Tags: analyse bar chart directory folders fosix pie rotate size visualize

ToDo List: Functions: AutoSave, Alarm etc.


WhatNext is a ToDo Application, solely designed to keep track of the things you have todo. Functions: Individual color settings, Alarm, Im- Export, Multiple Language settings

Tags: alarm autosave export functions im-export import list multi language multilanguage todo whatnext


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