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Chinese Calendar dates conversion software. Converts between dates in the Chinese solar and lunar calendars and dates in the Common Era and Julian calendars. Calculates the date of New Year's Day in the Chinese lunar calendar. Ascertain the Western dates of the starts of all lunar months in a year in the lunar calendar. Finds leap months in the lunar calendar. Finds western dates corresponding to Chinese anniversaries. Moves forward or backward from a given date or by any number of days. Calculates the phase of the Moon for any time within a 6000-year period. Searches for the next or previous full moon, dark moon, lunar quarter, solar term or solstice or equinox of a certain type. Searchs for a solstice or an equinox in combination with a dark moon or a full moon. Searches for the next or previous day, month or year with a certain element-animal correspondence (e.g., the next water-rabbit year or the next fire-chicken day and more

Software Price: $25
Software Version: 5.10
Release Date
: 1/9/2004

Size: 1.78 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000

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