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Binary patch maker software

Visual Patch Maker

Visual Patch is a software development tool for building software patches and software updates. Binary patch maker features DeltaMAX data compression for faster software deployment and integration with software installation & patch management tools.

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Professional software installation builder

Setup Factory

Setup Factory 7.0 has everything you need to make fast and reliable software installers. New project wizard, 20+ customizable screens, themes/skins, scripting engine, 250+ functions, runtime modules, multilingual installs, Authenticode and more.

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Add live updating capability to your software


A comprehensive solution for quickly adding a flexible automated live updating system to your software products. Can be used to update any electronic content, from software applications to product catalogs and financial reports. No royalties.

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Visual Multimedia Authoring and AutoRun CD's.

AutoPlay Media Studio

This award-winning visual multimedia authoring tool makes it easy to create interactive software, even if you're an absolute beginner! It's powerful enough to handle everything from autorun CD menus to electronic business cards and training apps.

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Secure full history patching update builder

Visual Patch

Provides software developers with a comprehensive solution for creating secure full-history software update patches. Visually indicates the differences among product releases and automatically builds only those changes into a single-file patch.

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