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NewName Pro

Ingo Tröger

The program NewName Pro makes it possible to rename (number/character ending, replace/insert sign series, change file extension, ...) and sort files, to change the file attributes (date, time, readonly, ...) quickly and easily. It is also possible to make or edit id3 tags of mp3-files and you can create and save directory structures. Even the information stored in *.mp3 and *.ttf files can be used to rename the files. For example you can use the songtitle and artist stored in the id3 tag to create a new filename or you can use the stored name of a truetype font as new filename. The source files can get a new name and can be moved to another directory at the same time. If you have renamed a wrong file you can undo only right after rename action. If the source files shouldn't be changed it is possible to make copy and to save the copy with the new name in another directory. The renaming of directories is possible too. Files can be sorted after the first symbol of their filename, after a containing symbol series, their filetype or their filesize (size interval). The sub directories could be involved as well. A preview and an undo function are integrated as well. The interface can be displayed in dutch, english, french, german and spanish. Additional Functions: Display Thumbnails, PopUp Thumbs, Directory Fill Level, Search For Invalid JPEGs, Extract Icons, ...

Software Price: $15
Software Version: 1.52
Release Date
: 3/15/2003

Size: 0.900 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP

Download Link: NewName Pro Download

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