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View, edit and create 3D models/graphics with this powerful and easy to use 3D modeler available for Windows and Linux. Whether you want to design 3d objects for games or build your dream home in virtual reality, AC3D is the ideal way to quickly turn your ideas into great three dimensional models. Supports POV-Ray, VRML (1 and 2), RenderMan ,3D Studio, Lightwave, DXF, Wavefront OBJ, Direct X, Milkshape, MD2, Quake BSP, Unreal Tournament t3d and more. AC3D is used by thousands throughout the world. It's used to produce models for games, virtual reality applications, 3D rendering and general 3D data visualisation. Features: Fast real-time OpenGL graphics views (2D and 3D) Simple 'click and drag' user interface Multipoint polygon and line editing down to vertex level No polygon limits Extrusion and surface revolution Subdivision surface modeling Boolean operations Truetype font 2d and 3D text generator An integrated graphical texture coordinate editor Support for many 3D file formats including POV-Ray, VRML (1 and 2), RenderMan ,3D Studio 3DS, Lightwave, DXF, Alias triangle, Wavefront OBJ, Direct X, Milkshape, MD2, Quake 3 BSP, Quake MD2, Unreal Tournament t3d. Software development kit and plugin interface.

Software Price: $49.95
Software Version: 4.0
Release Date
: 10/18/2003

Size: 2.28 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000, Linux

Download Link: AC3D Download

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