A PHP enabled Webserver and Web browser in 1

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Weabers stand for Web Application Browser and Server. It is a PHP and LUA enabled Webserver and Web browser combined into one single executable file. It can be used as a execution framework for offline web based desktop applications. Design your desktop applications with proven web standards like HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML etc. Add some AJAX concepts and execute it in Weabers. Weabsers let you run web based applications without a web server or a browser, just a single application to make your web based software look like a normal desktop application. Best of all its free. Free for use even in commercial applications.

Software Price: $0.00
Software Version: 1.1
Release Date
: 10/13/2007

Size: 0.89 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: Weabers Download

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