Find and remove unused files on your website.

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Inspyder OrFind

Inspyder Software Inc.

Inspyder OrFind is a powerful webserver cleanup and monitoring tool. If you've ever wanted to know which files on your webserver are actually used by your website, the answer is here. OrFind crawls your site looking for all included files (even those included through CSS), it then checks your FTP server or a local directory for orphans. OrFind can delete the orphans with the click of a button or export the results to a customizable HTML report. Most websites contain dynamic content that may include references to files not referenced by other parts of your site. Traditional orphan analysis tools can erroneously flag those files as orphans, but OrFind is different. OrFind is a web crawler, it examines the pages delivered by your webserver, providing results from the entire site, not script source code and incomplete content. OrFind integrates with the Windows task scheduler for automated website checking. Results can be automatically emailed to you in either text or HTML format. OrFind can also be used as a simple monitor for unauthorized website changes. OrFind keeps track of which files on your server have changed since the last check-up. If file changes are detected, an email can be sent to alert you of the modifications.

Software Price: $39.95
Software Version: 1.1.1
Release Date
: 10/12/2006

Size: 1.3 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: Inspyder OrFind Download

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