Windows NT/2000 eventlog  management tool.

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Isabelle Vollant

WDumpEvt is an administration tool that makes it easy to view and manage all the informations from Windows NT/2000 logs: Ask for system, security, application log or file information. View, print or dump the list of events, user, failure or ras sessions, or print jobs. Dump the data to a file in ASCII-delimited, CSV or html format. You can study the log from any remote computer by browsing a tree who describes all the eventlog of your network The package contains also a Windows NT/2000 service, LogSched to automate the management of the eventlog(dump,save,erase) : You can schedule the erase, save or dump of your eventlogs. Three command line tools are available for registered users to include these fonctionnalities into batch files. Interface in english and french.

Software Price: $50
Software Version: 2.2
Release Date
: 9/1/2000

Size: 0.40 MB
Platform: NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP

Download Link: WDumpEvt Download

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