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A spherical geometry calculator


A spherical geometry calculator and navigation aid, aimed on sailors, pilots and navigators on one hand, and airmchair travellers on the other. Compute distance between points on Earth, range and bearing, azimuth, midpoint, great arc intersections...

Tags: calculator geodesic geometry navigation spherical

Addictive logic puzzle, son of Boulderdash

Mr. Matt

Addictive puzzle game, similar to to Boulderdash; teen to adult; no gore or violence. Trial version includes 10 games (49 levels), registration offers over 500 extra games (2500 levels) and game editor. Sound effects, worldwide Hall of Champions.

Tags: addictive ages boulderdash game logic mind games mr- matt puzzle windows wrotniak

A tiny yet smart Windows calculator


Tiny but smart calculator: just type in any expression, like "2+3/7.1-3sqr 5", and hit Enter; then modify it and evaluate again without re-entering everything. 18-digit precision, 30 functions, 12 memories, fractions, deg/min/sec, more!

Tags: 12 32 calculator conversion deg engineering expressions functions math midget min science sec tiny unit variables wrotniak

The Mother of All Calculators, period.


Advanced Sci/Eng calculator. Expression evaluation, 18 digits precision, variables, >100 functions, graphs, unit conversion, interpolation, polynomial regression, linear algebra, systems of linear, nonlinear and differential equations, optimization.

Tags: advanced calculator differential differential equations eng engineering equations expressions interpolation linear algebra math nonlinear equations numerical methods sci science simple statistics wrotniak

The simplest way to graph your data.


Many programs generate numeric output which needs to be presented graphically. Statmaster is a simple way to do that, reading a text file with data arranged in a space-separated table, and drawing up to 16 pages of histograms and XY plots.

Tags: engineering graphs math plots science statistics wrotniak


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