Activex Control to hide datas in pictures.

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JRStegano Activex

JR Software

JRSteganoactivex is a 32 bit Activex Control for Steganographie. JRSteganoActivex allow you to hide (and extract) any data file inside a perfectly normal 24-bit BMP or PNG file. The control builds a file system inside the image there you can add so many textstrings and files as you want. (the datasize was limited by the picture width and height properties) The datas can only be extracted by using JRSteganoActivex. All datas will be encrypted before there be added to the picture. A optional user password builds a perfect security data file inside the picture. FEATURES ---------- -AddText, AddData, AddFile Methods -GetText, GetData, GetFilename, GetFile and many other Functions -ClearAllData Method (format the JRStegano picture inside filesystem) -comes with complete on-line help and detailed demonstration project in Vb6. This distribution includes the following files: Readme.txt JRStegano.ocx the activex control JRStegano.dll the Stegano Library JRStegano.chm Windows-HTML-Helpfile test.png, test.bmp Grafik files with steganographie-datas JRStegano.exe Demo of using JRSteganoActivex DemoVB6 Visual Basic Demoprojekt with Source Code To test: Dont forget to register the control JRStegano.ocx or run the installJRSteganoOcx.bat Please copy the JRStegano.dll to Windows/System. To Distribute: Add the JRStegano.ocx and the JRStegano.dll files to your Installation-Routine. The JRStegano.ocx needs the VB6 Runtime module without any special Toolbox-control. Works with: VB5, VB6,, Delphi, Excel VBA , Acess VBA and many other programming languages. To test with .net languages: If the JRStegano.dll was not found, please add the reference manually to the project workspace. The jrstegano.dll Control was compiled with Visual Studio 2003 and the .Net Framework 1.1 The jrsteganof2.dll Control was compiled with Visual Studio 2005 and the .Net Framework 2

Software Price: $176
Software Version: 3.0
Release Date
: 2/20/2007

Size: 0.675 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP

Download Link: JRStegano Activex Download

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