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Notepads+ is a free replacement for the Windows notepad. Set as the default Windows notepad, click on Options|Set as Default, and edit your text files in style. Drag any file from Explorer and drop it into NotePads+ to edit it. Edit text files larger than 32k. Since you can have an unlimited number of text files open at the same time (depending on available memory), cutting and pasting between text files is simplified. Maintains a most recently used and a favorite files list.The extensive menu system and button bar (can be user customized) allows for point and click editing. Automatic backups, button hints and the main status bar can be enabled. Most options are user-defined and become the default next time NotePads+ is started. Right click on your document to use easy editing features including property information on the file you are presently editing. Shows line and column cursor position. Import .rtf files and convert them to text. Input special characters (those non-english ones like and ) as well as font symbols like , , and with a special character pop-up. Find, Search and Replace. Use one of 7 language dictionaries included to spell-check your text file in American English, British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian or Spanish and if the need arises use the extensive included Medical or Legal dictionaries. You can even set the spell-checker to ignore html code which makes it a snap to spell-check your web-pages. Once you've got your text files looking as good as gold, click on Send As Email to share your great work with your friends and co-workers. And the best part, NotePads+ is free. Download it once and use it for a lifetime.

Software Price: $29.95
Software Version: 3.04
Release Date
: 12/11/2000

Size: 5.13 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, NT 4.x, Windows 2000

Download Link: NotePads+ Download

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