Panorama is a terrain or landscape editor.

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Panorama - Terrain Editor

Jeppe Nielsen

Panorama is a terrain or landscape editor, where beautiful multitextured landscapes are made easy. Landscapes can be created, painted, lightmapped and exported. The program features: Easy to use windows interface Create nice looking terrains in no time Up to 8x8 64x64 segments terrains (huge terrains) Currently exports to Blitz3D (.b3d), Directx (.x) and Wavefront (.obj) formats Add any texture layer, to allow for multitextured terrains Set uv texture scales for any of the texture layers Paint textures with a smooth brush Paint texture layers with colors, to have virtual unlimted texture combinations Square and oval brush shapes Draw and drag sculpting methods 6 different sculpting tools, including: Square tool Hill tool Pyramid tool Noise tool Level tool Smooth tool Three different camera navigation modes, that allows for easy navigation: First person mode Orbit mode Pan mode Lightmapper, to lightmap your terrain, featuring many properties, such as: Direction and elevation of sun Sun light color Ambient light color Many texture sizes Support for 2x multiply blendmode Lightmaps can be blurred for a nice soft shadow look Lightmaps are automatically saved, and applied to exported terrains Invert terrain tool Smooth terrain tool, to instantly smooth the entire terrain Fill terrain tool, to instantly fill terrain with a texture, by specifying min, max height, and/or min max slope angle. Remove lightmap, to re-enable vertexlightning and removing the applied lightmap. Import heightmap, create a terrain from a heightmap file, created in thirdparty applications Set camera properties, such as range, color, fogrange, etc. Wireframe mode Blitz3D loading function included, to easy load a large multimesh terrain

Software Price: $24.00
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 9/27/2005

Size: 4.59 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, XP

Download Link: Panorama - Terrain Editor Download

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