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BestCrypt VE encrypts your whole hard drive

BestCrypt Volume Encryption

BestCrypt Volume Encryption software provides transparent encryption of all the data stored on fixed and removable disk devices

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BestCrypt Corporate protects your data

BestCrypt Corporate

BestCrypt Corporate provides protection of data in corporate networks using strong encryption algorithms. BestCrypt Corporate includes standard BestCrypt software that performs encryption/decryption operations creating virtual drives.

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BCArchive creates encrypted archive


With BCArchive software you may encrypt and compress a group of files/folders to an encrypted archive (i.e. single file). You may store all you confidential files in such archive and/or e-mail it to your friend.

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Deletes files from computer forever


BCWipe ensures that another person will not restore files you have deleted from a disk. BCWipe uses military-grade procedures to shred deleted file contents. BCWipe wipes individual files/folders, free disk space, the swap file, directory entries.

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BestCrypt protects your sensitive data


BestCrypt is easy-to-use, powerful data encryption software. You allocate a portion (container) of free space of your drive where you keep all your sensitive data in encrypted form. BestCrypt creates a virtual drive in your system which you work with

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