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LOOPical logic - find a path, solve a mystery


Play LOOPical, a logical mystery puzzle game! Follow simple clues to find beautiful looping paths. Solve all the puzzles in a pack, then solve the mystery. 100 mysteries - easy to expert. Also, make your own logic puzzles from YOUR photos.

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PrismaPix - simple logic finds hidden photos.


Play PrismaPix, a uniquely intriguing puzzle game! Use logic to find surprise hidden photos - you never know what you'll find next. Solve clues to reveal photos layer by layer. Over 1000 beautiful logic puzzles - easy to expert.

Tags: addictive clues color colors count fill-a-pix game games hidden layers logic minesweeper numbers pathpix photo picture picture-forming pictures pix prism prismapix puzzle puzzles surprise

PathPix-enchanting picture puzzle fun


PathPix - enchanting picture puzzle fun! Draw a maze of colored paths to link matching endpoints. Solve the puzzle and reveal the hidden picture surprise. Zoom, scroll, check your work as you go. 750 beautiful logic puzzles - very easy to super hard.

Tags: addictive color colors draw game games hidden link logic matching maze numbers path pathpix paths picture picture-forming pictures pix puzzle puzzles surprise

Search for dragons - logically!


SlitherQuest is a logical quest, based on the classic logic game Slitherlink. Are there dragons living deep within the earth? With logic on your side, it''s your mission to find out. Every quest is created specially for you.

Tags: caves clues computer dragons free trial game kpixgames logic numbers puzzle puzzles quest slitherlink slitherquest story

Find each PAIR of tokens and put it in a BOX.


Play PairABox, a logical mystery puzzle game! Put each PAIR of tokens in a BOX of just the right size. Solve a puzzle to get each piece of a jigsaw, then put all the pieces together to solve the mystery. 100 mysteries - easy to expert.

Tags: box clue game hidden jigsaw logic loopical mystery pair pairabox pathpix photo pix prismapix puzzle token


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