Better than H.264: KandaluLite Video&Photo

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Kandalu Ltd

KandaluLite a new innovative video, and photo player for Mac Users implementing a new breakthrough technology that will enable you to optimize space without loosing out on performance establishing a unique approach to allow the best tradeoffs between storage size and image quality therefore fulfilling gaps in the needs of digital market. This unique easy to use player will allow you to convert any video file to the new codec JPDMovie (JPDM indipendent pre-filter to H.264) and or/enhancing your picture definition and saving up to 30% on memory space (on the actual H.264 standard). Photo format: CPD vs. lossless PNG format: 30% reduction on size. GPD vs. lossless Gif format: 15% reduction in size with better colour definition, JPD vs. lossy JPEG format: 25% reduction in size with the same PNSR. Video format: mov and m4v QuickTime Compatible, (JPDM, a new coding approach: Indipendent prefilter to H.264) vs. lossy video format: 30% reduction with improved image quality.

Software Price: $26.99
Software Version: 0294
Release Date
: 9/25/2009

Size: 17 MB
Platform: Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.5

Download Link: KandaluLite Download

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