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Project Risk and Contingency Analysis

Project Risk Analysis

Use Monte Carlo Simulation to determine the risk of a project being overspent and the contingency needed to achieve the desired level of confidence.

Tags: contingency determine economics monte carlo project project management required risk risk analysis

Turbine steam-consumption calculator


Calculate turbine steam consumption and exhaust steam conditions. Built-in steam properties. Wide variety of units of measure included.

Tags: calculate conditions consumption efficiency enthalpy exhaust power steam steam consumption turbine

Ethanol-water blending calculations


Convert density of ethanol-water mixtures to and from concentration expressed in Mass, Volume or Molar terms. Covers concentrations from 0% to 100% and temperatures from 10C to 100C. Calculate blending ratios based on source or blend properties.

Tags: alcohol blending calculations concentration conversions density ethanol ethanol-water water

Hydraulic design and rating of packed columns

Packed Column Calculator

PackCol performs hydraulic design for new packed columns or rating calculations for existing columns & towers. The design basis can be approach to flood, maximum capacity or pressure drop. Includes packing database. Uses Imperial or Metric units.

Tags: absorption distillation eckert engineering packed column packed tower pressure drop scrubber

Correspondence Index

LollyDex Correspondence Index

LollyDex is a document management tool optimized for correspondence control. It adapts to your systems and is suitable for paper or electronic documents. Powerful and flexible search. Print reports of results. Browse through threads of replies.

Tags: archive correspondence document edm electronic filing paper retrieval storage track


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