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The meaning & history of family last names.

Last Name Almanac

The meaning and history of tens of thousands of family surnames. Create suitable-for-framing, ready to sell certificates about the history and meanings of last names.You could offer just these surname printouts and nothing else and make a living!

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Do you know what your first name means?

First Name Almanac

Do you know what your first name means? Find out with First Name Almanac. This easy-to-use 16-bit program prints pages, suitable for framing, with attributes associated with your name -- including meaning, origin, personality, and travel and leisure.

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The Astrological Meaning of Your Birthday

Amazing Astrology

Ken Kirkpatrick Software, the largest publisher of personalization software, has released Amazing Astrology, a Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing , personalized insight into anyone's birthday.

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Kwanzaa software produces personalized gifts

Kwanzaa - Our Family Heritage

We offer a unique, suitable for framing gift-giving idea to honor and celebrate this African American holiday. The only product like it in the world, Kwanzaa software produces, in seconds, a treasured keepsake.

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Prints a full-color timeline of any day

The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time, an easy-to-use Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing keepsake memento that commemorates people's birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days.

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