Multi-frame GIF Creator.

32-bit Aesop GIF Creator

"Aesop" is a tool that allows you to create any banner ad, web button, logo, or web graphic quickly and easily.

Tags: antialiasing banner creator banner maker creator gif gif constructor gif creator gif maker multi-frame multiple gif

To create or edit multi-page DCXs or TIFFs.

Multi-Page TIFF Editor

Program to create or edit multi-page DCX or TIFF files. The DCX or TIFF files can be converted to PDF or EPS.

Tags: dcx eps image editor multipage multi-page pdf tif tif2pdf tiff tiff2pdf

Compact and powerful image viewer

32-bit Photo-Lux Image Viewer

Photo-Lux is a compact, easy-to-use, but powerful graphic application to view and correct your digital photos or images.

Tags: compact digital graphics image image viewer images jpeg jpeg2000 photos picture viewer pictures powerful slideshow viewer

Easy-to-use and powerful image viewer

Photo-Lux Image Viewer

Photo-Lux is an easy-to-use but powerful and fast image viewer and more.

Tags: digital graphics image viewer images jpeg jpeg2000 photos picture viewer pictures slideshow viewer

MP3 audio player + sound equalizer.

32-bit AudioPlus

"AudioPLUS" is an easy-to-use and greatly looking MP3 Player aimed to playback audio files in the following formats: *.MP3, *.MP2, *.WAV, *.L3, *.L2 and *.ATX. Plus, it supports playlist files.

Tags: audio equalizer mp2 mp3 playback player playlist sound

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