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Search and replace text in many files at once

Multiple Text File Edit and Replace

Multiple Text File Edit and Replace is a Windows software program that allows you to easily replace text and many files at once. Automatically backs up files before changing them.

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Golf score database and handicap calculator

Golf Handicapper

Golf Handicapper is a program that stores any number of scores for any number of players. It automatically calculates the handicap, net score, and index for each game for each player. Uses the slope method, and can be used with multiple golf courses.

Tags: calculates calculator database golf handicap index multiple net players score scores stores

Password protect Internet access

Internet Password Lock

Password protect Internet access (Web surfing, Instant Messaging, email, etc.). Once you install the program, the Internet is blocked when Windows starts. Input a password to restore access. You can then access the Internet until you lock it again.

Tags: access block internet internet lock internet password password protect web

Monitor computer use by children or employees

Computer Use Reporter

Find out what your employees or children are doing on the computer. Record program title bars convertly, read them later or real time.

Tags: computer covert monitor computer monitor use surveillance

Access control for programs on your computer

Program Sentry

Provides access control and usage management. Allows you to either create a list of blocked programs or a list of allowed programs. Individual programs can be password protected.

Tags: access computer computer access control computer security computer use control control control access password password protect programs password protection programs protection provides


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