Librarysmith Software

Executes applications and positions windows.


Executes up to 8 applications and positions the windows in a user specified location. Multiple configurations can be stored as .RPS files which can be executed as they are associated with Runpos App. Applications are varied.

Tags: desktops execute geforce location multiple nvidia out place placement position position windows run specify television tv voodoo window window placement windows

School library automation software

Biblio School

Biblio School is a comprehensive library automation package designed by teachers and school librarians as a teaching resource specifically for the school environment.

Tags: automation library management participation pupil school software staged

Album-centric MP3 jukebox with artwork dbase.

Empathy Jukebox Lite

Empathy is a virtual jukebox. It allows you to extract your audio CDs to MP3 format, managing them as complete albums (along with accompanying CD artwork). Access your music using a variety of different interfaces including a real bar-style Jukebox.

Tags: album album-centric archive artwork cd cover database dj encoder information jukebox mp3 picture playlist pub ripper

Internet address cataloguing/filter system.


WebIndex is an Internet cataloguing/filtering system that compiles web-links (URLs) in to a complete set of HTML pages for easy browsing. WebIndex has primarily be designed for use in schools and colleges. Requires no HTML knowledge from the user.

Tags: address catalog catalogue categories categorize category classify directory filter index indexer internet intranet link link indexer links protect schools security url urls

Change sound/display settings with hotkeys


One touch control of windows sound mixer and video display modes with one-touch program launching. MM hotkey provides instant control of the windows play control (mixer) and display settings through user defined hotkeys.

Tags: change combination display hotkey hotkeys key mixer multimedia quicklaunch settings shortcut sndvol32 soundcard

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