LifeLog is tool to help you keep a time log.

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LifeLog Software

LifeLog is powerful tool to help you keep a detailed time log. It can dramatically increase your personal effectiveness by logging your daily activities and analyzing where time goes. Keeping a detailed time log is very practical way to increase your effectiveness and productivity. Peter Drucker said "written account of how you spend your days is essential to mastering your time". But only with pen and paper, keeping a time log is not easy job. LifeLog makes it simple to log and analyze your time. What Can I Do With LifeLog? * Keeping a detailed time log easily. * Categorize your time log. * Analyzing your results by daily/weekly/yearly or any duration you want. * Charting your results easily. * Tracking certain category. * Export daily log to excel/HTML/XML or plain text.

Software Price: $19.95
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 9/17/2006

Size: 1.60 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: LifeLog Download

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