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Linux File Recovery

Lincoln Beach Software

Recover Data for Linux is professional Linux File Recovery tool successfully recover linux data from crashed, damaged or formatted Windows & Ext2/Ext3 linux file systems. Linux Data Recovery software easy to find and recovers lost & corrupted linux data Ext2/Ext3 Linux volumes. Data Recovery Linux software provides Linux Data Recovery from IDE/EIDE/ATA & SCSI hard disk. The software Key Features provides Linux Partition Recovery form formatted linux partition. Recover Data for Linux best Data Recovery Linux tool to recover lost, deleted linux data from crashed linux partition. Advanced and updated Linux File Recovery tool performs complete scan of damaged linux disk and try to recognize lost partitions and restore the linux file. Data Recovery Software for Linux is Supported linux data recovery are Serial ATA hard disks, IDE hard disk drives, External USB Drives, Fire wire Drives. Linux Data Recovery software is best Data Recovery Linux to recovers data from Windows & Ext2 and Ext3 File system Volumes on all flavors of Linux including Red Hat Linux, TurboLinux, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, & SCO.

Software Price: $45
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 11/4/2008

Size: 1.76 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: Linux File Recovery Download

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