Morph or transform faces on a Web site.

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FaceMorpher Web Edition

Luxand Development

If you are in online entertainment, you have probably seen the impressive effect of morphing implemented on human faces. The coolness of the effect depends strongly on the quality of the morph. Morphing the visitor's own face makes by far the strongest impression. Traditionally, transforming human faces required manual work. To obtain a proper transformation, it used to be necessary to manually select facial features on every face, which takes away the fun and degrades the resulting animation quality. FaceMorpher Web Edition obsoletes the manual work and automates face recognition and detection of its facial features such as eyes, eye corners, eyebrows, mouth corners, nose tip, and so on. A visitor can submit any digital picture that contains a frontal face, and FaceMorpher Web Edition will find the face and locate its facial features precisely and completely automatically, with no user intervention. The quality of automatic detection is generally much higher than manual selection by untrained visitors, resulting in smoother and more realistic animation. Perform morphing animation of faces by smoothly and realistically transforming one face into another. FaceMorpher Web Edition produces the smoothest and most realistic morphing effect thanks to its automatic detection of facial features, making it a nose-to-nose and lips-to-lips transformation instead of just blending two images. Impress your visitors by seeing their past and reading their future. If you have a picture of a couple, you can easily show what their children would look like. Morphing the couple's faces together will produce a realistic picture of their child. Just as easily, you can also age a face or make it younger by transforming a single facial photograph. FaceMorpher Web Edition works unattended on a Web server. It runs from the command line and takes pictures as an input, morphs or transforms them and outputs the result that you can demonstrate on your Web site.

Software Price: $1950
Software Version: 1.5
Release Date
: 3/3/2008

Size: 28.83 MB
Platform: Win98, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Wind, Vista

Download Link: FaceMorpher Web Edition Download

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