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Edit/convert to Intel Hex Files


Data2Hex:Edit/convert to Intel Hex Files. Features include define multiple data start addresses, Pascal / C / character strings, decimal or hexadecimal byte arrays.

Tags: convert data2hex edit editor files hex intel intel hex

View Orcad V4.x and Orcad 32-bit Dos files


OrView: Utility to view Orcad V4.x and Orcad 32-bit Dos files. Viewing colors can be customized. Printing option included.

Tags: 32-bit cad dos files orcad orview v4 view viewer

Desktop icons, Virtual Desktops, Ram Optimize


TrayTool: System Tray Enhancement, that allows single- click access to all Desktop icons and also lets you switch between multiple Virtual Desktops. It includes a Manual/Automatic Ram Optimizer.

Tags: desktop desktop icons desktops free ram icons optimizer ram traytool virtual virtual desktops

View XML PAD files


PadView: Fast and simple to view XML PAD (Portable Application Description) files.

Tags: application description files pad padview portable view viewer xml xml pad

Programmer for ATMEL AT89S8285 chip


winSPI: Programmer for the ATMEL AT89S8285 microcontroller, utilizing full 32 bit Windows code. Features include programmin the ATMEL chip via COM1 upto COM8. Read/Write/Verify the 8Kb Code section and/or the 2Kb Data section of the chip.

Tags: at89s8285 atmel cad chip files orcad programmer viewer winspi


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