Generate modem scripts for GPRS mobile phones

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GPRS Script Generator

Macron Software

GSG is a software utility to help Macintosh users create custom modem scripts to connect using a GPRS compatible mobile phone. GSG contain presets for many mobile network operators around the world and can build customized Modem Scripts in few clicks. Plus, GSG has an Expert setup to permit experienced users to create extremely fine-tuned scripts for maximum performance. All GPRS parameters are available. For network operators not listed in GSG, many options are available to help the find the correct parameters for a particular operator and to generate modem scripts starting from modem initialization strings.

Software Price: $12
Software Version: 1.9.3
Release Date
: 12/8/2004

Size: 1.0 MB
Platform: Mac PPC, Mac OS X

Download Link: GPRS Script Generator Download

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