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ComCap: Magenta Serial Port Capture Utility

ComCap is a simple Windows application designed to capture any ASCII data received on PC serial communications ports to text files. It includes the following features and options: - Capture from up to 30 serial COM ports simultaneously, with suitable hardware. - Captured data is optionally shown in scrolling windows, and may be copied to be clipboard if required. - Capture text files may be in separate directories for each capture port and new files may be created daily (at a specified time), weekly (Monday), monthly, hourly, every few minutes, after an inactivity period, when a new page character is received, or a fixed file name may be used. - Capture text file name are automatically generated, with a file name format customised with date and time in various ways, numeric or alphabetic. - Various options to safeguard captured data, closing the log after each line to force it to write to disk, or after an inactivity period or periodically every few seconds or minutes. - A separate log file is maintained showing when capture starts and stops and other ComCap events. - A sound file may be played when each new line of data is captured (with a minimum gap between sounds, in case of frequent data). - Raw data may be captured unchanged from the COM port, or the data may be cleaned up with non-printing characters removed and trailing spaces removed. - A time stamp may be added to start of each captured line in a customisable format, typically for alarm type applications. - A serial number may be added to the start or end of each captured line, in a customisation format, typically to ease import of data into database applications or to check log lines are not lost. - Captured lines of data may be echoed to a windows printer with a specified font size and style, but note many printers will only print complete pages and some won't print until capture is stopped.

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