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MailMaint POP3 Mailbox Maintenance


MailMaint for Windows is a simple POP3 Mailbox Maintenance application that supports multiple POP3 mailboxes, allowing headers to be accessed, messages to be read and deleted, and new email and replies to be sent.

Tags: email mail mailmaint pop3 smtp

DUN Manager: Dial-Up Networking enhancements

DUN Manager

DUN Manager is designed to simplify and enhance Dial-Up and Routed Networking

Tags: dialup dial-up dun isdn modems networking ras

CamCollect: Auto view/save web cam pictures


CamCollect for Windows will download, display and save images from the many thousands of webcams available on the internet CamCollect monitors up to 1,000 pre-defined web cam sites, only downloads new images to save web bandwidth.

Tags: camcollect cams video webcams

ComCap: Magenta Serial Port Capture Utility


ComCap is designed to capture any ASCII data received on a PC serial communications port to a text file. Data from up to 30 serial COM ports can be captured simultaneously, in separate files. ComCap may aso be run as an NT service.

Tags: capture cdr com comcap communications logging pabx pbx ports serial

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