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Photographer''s Journal: Multimedia Daily Journal

Marco Software

Photographers Journal Product Highlights Photographers Journal is your day-by-day diary and record keeper for your Photographing activities. Make it as simple as you want with text only or fancy up your journal with Video, Graphics and sound. It is you choice. When this program open's up you are presented with your journal entries from over the years for the SAME DAY. This help you compare various years for weather condition. Keep a written daily Journal and/or spoken daily journal and/or a visual entry for your journal. Any combination of journal entries is available. Journal information also may include the Moon stage, the amount of rain, the High and Low temperatures for the day. Can now keep more than one photo for each daily journal. "Make a sound recording of the bird of which you took a Photograph. Turn it into a web page. People from all over the world can hear it and see it." Maintain Equipment Information Information to be saved includes Type of Equipment, where Equipment where purchased, a Graphic of the equipment and more. Maintain Subject Information Information includes the Name of the Subject (could be a Location or person) and More. Fancy Searching is Available Hunt through all your text entries for Keywords. This makes it easy for finding notes made over the years. Instantly turn your Photographer's Journal into Web Pages. By simply clicking one button you can turn your Photographer's Journal into a Fully Functional Web Site with your Written, Audio and Visual entries available. Print out your Journal as a Hard Copy Document Start out by Previewing your report within the Photographer's Journal then print it if you wish. Extensive Help for all aspects of the Photographer's Journal is Available Clicking the Help Menu makes the entire Photographer's Journal Help system available. This include Key Word searching and a Contents page.

Software Price: $33.33
Software Version: 1
Release Date
: 3/26/2001

Size: 5.17 MB
Platform: Win98

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