Smart Progress Notes - Real time E&M Coding

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MedBase, Inc.

MedBase EHR provides: Smart Progress Notes - Real-time Suggested E&M Coding Appointments Management Digital Patient Records/Chart Room Prescription Writing and Medications Management Accessable Patient Charts, even outside MedBase The center piece of the system is the patent pending progress notes smart coding area shown in the screenshot. 95% of all functions are performed here. MedbaseEHR has been designed from the beginning to be a clinical system that will update any existing billing system with the encounter information. Howver, MedbaseEHR is a clinical system that records and analysis all encounter data. Using an intuituve non-evasive system of SOAP progress notes. The patent pending method of reading the progress note as it is being built, by continully displaying the office visit code the note supports, will give you great confidence in your billing. MedbaseEHR ensures you are billing and being paid for the work you actually perform, and with confidence. MedbaseEHR handles appointments, patient demographics, complete visual patient charting, even accessable and secured outside MedbaseEHR. Additionally, patient medications management, issue new, stop old, renew old, with a complete display of prescribing history for the patient keeps you audit resistant. Issue lab orders and maintain the results in the patent chart with on screen notification of chart updates since last patient encounter. Helps prevent embarrasment with lost lab results or oversight. MedbaseEHR is a must see product!!. Built by the collaberation of a Family Practice MD and a Computer Science PhD over 23 years of close association, provides ensite into the REAL needs of the independant private practice to small group needs. Download the demo, Try it for 30 days and see if it is for you. Complete support and implemention design is available.

Software Price: $1495.00
Software Version: 14.4
Release Date
: 4/15/2008

Size: 61.06 MB
Platform: Win95, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Premiu, Vista

Download Link: MedBaseEHR Download

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