IE Add-on to capture whole web page as images

iWebshot Free Edition

iWebshot is an Internet Explorer add-on. It can capture the whole web page as an image and save the image to a file.

Tags: bho browser browser add-on capture screen capture web capture

Peer-to-Peer Backup Program with Free Server

Backup To Neighbor

Backup To Neighbor is a network-based backup program, which contains a Client and Server Software. Server software is provided free of charge and peer-to-peer configuration is possible. It is a client-driven system.

Tags: b2n backup peer-to-peer restore

Convert Text / HTML Files to Unicode


Unifier is a tool to convert a batch of plain text or HTML files in various characters set encoding to Unicode. Features include auto-update of HTML character-set Meta Tag and converting HTML character and numeric entity to unicode character.

Tags: gb18030 iscii iso10646 unicode utf16 utf-8

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