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Want real internet security? Use MyPadLock!


If a chat buddy sent you the following message, you could read it with MyPadLock: (If you were using the correct key) ->p@J\YYMm?IlBHSGS}OXGYMTBXLJxpXjpH@\ZYaOYYAV|HSSAIUOWa?KP@SXXqAK]ZZNn@JmCITHT~PYHZNUCYdHWQITNPNMSDbPU_IglXELJVUSJmCIDJC~XYXXOLZV

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Check your biorhythms daily

Bio-Calendar Pro

Display and create biorhythm calendars. Can contain up to three people with three different display formats. Animated biorhythm display allows for unique comparisons. See how you compare with your significant other.

Tags: biorhythm biorhythms calendar calendars metaware productions multi-featured personal use shareware utility

Realistic Black Jack Simulator

Full Table Black Jack

Designed to teach people what it''s like to gamble at the black jack table and as a work-out tool for people who know blackjack. So if you want to prepare for your next casino visit, you will appreciate the realism this program offers.

Tags: black jack card game cards full table black jack game games metaware productions

How about a a picture with a twist?

Picture This Text

It''s a picture but it''s a picture with a twist. It''s created using std keyboard letters, numbers and symbols. It''s as if you put a sheet of paper into a typewriter, typed a page full of random characters then step back and, bingo, there''s a pic

Tags: fun fun stuff graphics home/hobby metaware productions picture this text pictures portraits

Powerful Messaging Encryption Software

Message Encryption Application

Protect your personal messages with encryption keys of your choice. Tthen give the keys to people you trust. - When or if the need arises, change the keys to ensure continued privacy. Outstanding 'Identity Theft' software protection.

Tags: chat communications email encryption internet metaware productions personal personal use privacy utility


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